The new movie,”ParaNorman” features the first openly gay character in an animated movie, and conservatives are not happy about it. The character in question, Mitch, is a muscled jock who doesn’t lisp, mince around, or use the phrase “Hey gurrrl”.

“It’s a time-honored technique of the gay community to hide the fact that a character is gay until the audience has developed a real affinity for him/her, then catch the audience off-guard by divulging that the character is gay. Mitch kicks a zombie’s head for a mile, then reacts with amazement at his own strength.” -William Bigelow of Beitbart.com

Apparently gay characters need to be either a flaming stereotypes or an asshole.

Love the quote from Beitbart. But hey, it doesn’t only happen in movies! I know for a fact that ‘gay community’ uses these tricks IRL. You find a great person, become friends, love everything about them, and then suddenly BAM! They’re gay. And you still love everything about them. Every. Single. Thing.

ITT: Tricked into being a more decent human being through friendship. And oh yes, I’m looking at you right now, you know who I’m talking about, both of you. Tricksters.

I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not. Not even a little. :D Mister snark master, sir.

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    While I do agree that we were caught off-guard with him being gay at the end of the movie, I don’t really see a problem...
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