1:36am August 7, 2012





So, while watching Series 3, I’ve finally figured out what has bugged me so much about Moffat’s series and the way he approaches big reveals and whatnot particularly as compared to Davies.

Spoilers to follow, some pretty big ones, if you aren’t caught up on your 11th Doctor, so beware.

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Seriously, regarding the sensationalism, it’s not just within the show, it’s with him as a creator constantly giving us BS like “there will be tears before bedtime” and all those bullshit teasing tweets about Sherlock and Doctor Who. For me, it just goes to show that the man has serious ego problems and should be allowed to participate (because he has some talent, it’s true) but NEVER to coordinate and manage.

I may add that while Davies’ love of overdone drama (I’m looking at you, season 4 finale) annoyed me a lot, he was a master of foreshadowing. Some hints were so subtle that I had to rewatch the series three times to pick them up. Moffat? He can’t foreshadow for life. And the constant repetitions drive me crazy. Goddamnit, man, we heard you the first time round, do you really think we are so dumb you have to repeat that ominous prophecy three times at least to make us understand?

So, basically, yeah, what the OP said.